Top 3 Best Beard Trimmers for 2017

Top 3 Best Beard Trimmers for 2017

Best Beard Trimmers for 2017

The popularity of beards is skyrocketing, with many individuals now sporting tactile evidence of the testosterone in their systems. This of course indicates that objects used for care-taking in terms of beard health are increasing in popularity as well. From beard oil to specific kinds of conditioner, products for beard care are taking off.

Caring for your beard doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the most important aspects of proper beard care is keeping the facial hair trimmed. Whether your beard is short and close to the skin, or it is a gargantuan pile of fluff, trimming off the dead and split ends is imperative to keeping the beard healthy. The best beard trimmers for the upcoming year are beard grooming sets, which often involve the other aspects of caring for your beard.

1.) Cardinham Killigrew Beard Kit & Shave Kit

Finding itself nestled easily in first place, the Cardinham Killigrew Beard Kit is the epitome of all beard care. It comes with so many benefits it truly knocks the other two out of the water. While the first two options do include an electric razor, which is beneficial for those who are a touch on the lazy side, the real beard entrepreneurs acknowledge that there is something truly artful about trimming the beard with scissors or a hand razor. This kit comes with other care items too, for maintain the best beard health possible and the best way to trim your beard without an electric razor.

2.) Remington Beard Boss

This particular kind of beard trimmer will only benefit the beard-grower. It comes with just as many fun and interesting attachable pieces as the Groomsman, but it has the added benefit of a beard brush as well as a pair of scissors. When it comes to specific hairs being out of place or a decisive need to touch up the ends of the beard without pulling out the whole shebang, it can be incredibly helpful to have a pair of scissors designed for cutting facial hair around.

3.) Wahl Groomsman

Coming in at a solid third place, the Wahl Groomsman is a really good beard care trimming kit. It comes with a wide variety of options to best rectify any beard chaos going on. The different settings and guards can really come in handy when trying to update the look, or just go through a routine split-end removal process, and it provides you with the best way to trim your beard.

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