Stop Doing These 3 Things and Improve Your Beard

Stop Doing These 3 Things and Improve Your Beard

Lets dig in!     

 Not Grooming your beard.

The First bad Habit it actually the lack of not doing theses important steps. Very raryly does a unkept face bush grow unruly and actually enhance a guys appearance so for us who have to work at our beards follow these tips and keep it your beard maintainced. Beard Maintenance will go a long way and improve its looks.

A quick overview of beard grooming tips includes:

  • Wash regularly, but shampoo only once or twice weekly
  • Use a beard brush or comb it daily
  • Condition, moisturize, and strengthen your beard with a good beard oil and beard balm
  • Use trimmers and shears to regularly maintain the length and the style


       Trimming Your Neck Line Too High.

The first step is to taper your beard using a beard trimmer.

The goal here is to make the hair gradually shorter as you work your way down your neck to the base of your beard line.


A good fade helps things look clean and tidy, and ensures you dont just have a huge mound of pubic hair glued to your face

The second, and perhaps more popular path to a cut in a good neck line

Instead of following your jaw line, you want to make the line somewhere between your Adam’s apple and the place where your head and neck meet.


       Pulling Your Beard.


This is a extremely common issue with beardsmen.

Idle hands are the devils playground, when they are not doing anything they creep up and start pulling away.

You’ll usually find that its in the same spot also.

This is going to take some time, but the best advice is to be aware that you do it.Try to find other things to do with your hand like squeezing a stress ball or twirl a pen, anything but pull at your beard.


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