New York Jets, QB Fitzpatrick gets a fresh buzz, keeps the sweet ass beard!

New York Jets, QB Fitzpatrick gets a fresh buzz, keeps the sweet ass beard!

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Huge cut made on to the New York Jets QB Position!

The starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick created a big stir when he showed up with dreadlocks, and hallmark bushy beard to practice on Monday, However, Wednesday he shows up with a fresh buzz cut but the beard remains! Win for the beard gods I say.

“Clearly, I’m disappointed in him,” said center Nick Mangold, known for his long hair and prodigious beard. “He looks like a tennis ball. But, on the other hand, his beard is still intact and I’ll take beard over head hair.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick, had his game face on even after practice he declined interviews and avoided photographers. Obviously assholes! The dude has bigger things to concentrate on.

Eric Decker, WR  for the Jets told the New York Daily News that Ryan shaved his head because he lost a bet.

Ryan told reporters on Tuesday, “Hopefully, we’ll cut it soon. If anything, it’s kind of given people something else to talk about other than the contract.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick contract negotiations ended on Friday just before the start of camp. He said “some teammates laughed at his hair when he walked into the first team meeting.”

A slumping Fitzpatrick made headlines last November when he shaved down his beard and the team promptly started a five-game winning streak. It was the best stretch of his career, and he finished with a team-record 31 touchdown passes.

Maybe it’s a good-luck thing.

Now that is out of the way DON’T FUCKING SHAVE IT RYAN! Beards are Badass!

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