Man Grows Beard

In United States, the army, air force, marines and navy does not allow a man with long hair and beard but the if a man grows beard to fit in better with the native population in the US Special Forces Unit it is fine. Beards have been in and out of style for many of years. In the eighteenth century to mid nineteenth century beards were rare in the United States however by mid nineteen hundreds they were prevalent. After WWI, they were no longer in style and from nineteen twenty to nineteen sixty beards were scarce but after the Vietnam War their popularity boomed overnight. By mid nineteen eighties beards and long hair were no longer vogue and a small resurgence was noticed between nineteen nineties to two thousand nine for goatees or closely cropped full beards. Now today the two day old beard is the going rage.

Short hair has been widely accepted way for men to wear their hair. Woman on the other hand can wear their hair in any style or length. An old man with a beard and long hair will get notice for either his scruffy looks or his distinguish well groomed look. Usually beards and hair will get thin as the aging process progresses and the beard and hair colors also change. The distinguished looks from the silver grey hair and the well taken care of beard which is generally the same color. The scruffy look comes from thinning hair that looks messy but has the same silver grey hair color. Generally, everyone remembers Santa Claus for the old man white beard look.

The internet has a wealth of information as to the history of beards for religious reasons and different country’s takes on a beard. There is also information on the proper way to keep your beard clean and groomed as well as information on how to purchase these grooming products. So no matter what your reasons for wanting a beard there are plenty of message boards with advice on products and the dos and don’ts on self grooming. Many prefer a professional cut their hair and maintain their facial hair while others would never let anyone touch their hair or beards. You will need to make a decision on who will groom your beard and with what, meaning scissors or trimmers. Also, look up information for the best style of beard for your face’s shape. Different styles go with small narrow faces, prominent noses or big mouths and teeth, so does a little research before letting the hair grow. If you are doing the trimming yourself, only trim your beard when it is dry. Wet hair is heavier than dry hair and if you trim it wet it may be too short when it dries. Before any man grows beard, make a trip to your local barber for a professional opinion.