Grow A Beard Fast

Many men would like to know how to grow a beard faster. Once a man has decided upon the process of growing a beard, the time spent waiting can seem to last forever. During this time, the beard will often look scraggly and it may become a source of amusement for friends and family. In addition, the itchiness present during a half-formed beard can be very aggravating. However, if a man is persistent, eventually he will have grown enough hair to shape in whatever style is desired. Waiting to grow a beard faster may seem to take a lot of time, but there are some things that can be done to speed the process up.Grow Beard

One way how to grow beard faster is the use of some medical applications. Rogaine is a very famous medication that is most commonly used to accelerate and replace hair growth on the head. Many men are unaware that it can also be used to stimulate beard growth as well. On the other hand, using Rogaine may have some unwanted side effects. The most common problem reported by users is that they tend to develop acne while using the product. Also, it can cause an unsafe condition by reducing the man’s blood pressure. Another drug that works to speed beard growth is Biotin. Unlike Rogaine, Biotin does not have any unsafe side effects. While it has not been proven to accelerate the growth of the beard, a man can also apply hydrocortisone to get rid of the itching sensation.

If a man decides to grow a beard without medical assistance, he may wish to learn how to grow beard faster in other ways. The first step is to prepare. A certain time should be set aside for the beard growth, preferably during a vacation or other time when the man will be away from close scrutiny of friends and family. Second, in the week leading up to this time, he should shave twice a day. This will accelerate the initial growth once he stops shaving. While in this growth stage, it is important to keep the area clean by washing with shampoo at least once every day. The best kind of shampoo to use is an anti-dandruff product as it will help to stop dry skin flakes from forming on the face.

These two options for growing a beard are the best ways to accomplish the act in the shortest amount of time possible. While some people may advocate use of hormones to grow a beard faster, this practice should be avoided as the potential problems can seriously outweigh the advantages.