3 Steps to Care for Your Beard This Winter

3 Steps to Care for Your Beard This Winter

Caring for Your Winter Beard

Popularity in beard growth has essentially skyrocketed over the past few years, which of course has given everyone ample opportunity to attempt successful beard growth. Beards are fairly commonplace now with a multitude of individuals from different sects within the community sporting facial hair of different types. Hipsters tend to prefer stylizing their beards and moustaches, making a more profound and apparent statement. More athletically inclined individuals are drawn to beards as well, though there is a tendency to keep the facial hair short, trim, and uniform. Some people firmly adhere to the ideological concept of “go big or go home,” and they have long beards that require a lot of commitment to take care of. Regardless of the kind of beard someone has, it is imperative to take steps to care for your facial hair when the winter threatens to wreak havoc.
Step One: Invest in Beard Oil
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your beard’s entire life, it seems unlikely that you’ve never heard of or used beard oil before. Beard oil is this combination of different oils, such as olive, grapeseed, vitamin e, apricot, jojoba, and argan oils. These are used for keeping the hair from splitting or breaking, keeping it soft and smooth, and keeping the aesthetic. This common combo for oils is often paired with fragrances that invoke images of woods, trees, and forests. Cedar is the most popular fragrance associated with beard oil. The important thing about beard oil is that it will keep your facial hair properly secure against the drying effects of cold weather.
Step Two: Maintain a Trim
Cold weather can cause a lot of complications when it comes to hair. It can cause dryness, flaking, split ends, and all sorts of nightmares. This is not the kind of treatment you want your beard to undergo. This means keeping the beard trimmed. You don’t have to cut it all off, or have a crisis over the length of the beard, but it would be helpful to the cause for you to keep the ends trimmed. They will split, they will be dry, and they will be the hardest to take care of under these circumstances. Therefore, by maintaining a routine cut of the last quarter inch of the beard, you are promoting healthy growth and strong individual hairs comprising the beard.

Step Three: Conditioner

Some guys don’t even bother to condition their hair, which is quite frankly ludicrous, but that indicates that they probably wouldn’t even consider conditioning their beard. The truth of the matter is, conditioner helps keep hair soft and healthy. It detangles and prevents knots, all of which are potential problems for beards, especially in the winter.

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