Author - Therin Miller

Top 3 Best Beard Trimmers for 2017

Best Beard Trimmers for 2017 The popularity of beards is skyrocketing, with many individuals now sporting tactile evidence of the testosterone in their systems. This of course indicates that objects used for care-taking in terms of beard health are increasing in popularity as well. From beard oil to specific kinds of conditioner, products for beard care are taking off. Caring for your beard doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the most important aspects of proper beard care is keeping the [...]

3 Steps to Care for Your Beard This Winter

Popularity in beard growth has essentially skyrocketed over the past few years, which of course has given everyone ample opportunity to attempt successful beard growth. Beards are fairly commonplace now with a multitude of individuals from different sects within the community sporting facial hair of different types. Hipsters tend to prefer stylizing their beards and moustaches, making a more profound and apparent statement. More athletically inclined individuals are drawn to beards as well, though there is a tendency to [...]

6 Reasons You Should Be Using Beard Oil!

Why You Should Use Beard Oil! Having a beard and keeping it nice can be hard. Once you’ve grown it, how are you going to maintain it? Beard grooming is one of the most important steps of keeping your beard healthy and looking presentable. Beard oil is one of the many beard card products that can really take your beard from looking wild to looking like you actually care about it. Here’s the real reasons you should be using beard [...]

11 Steps To Better Beard Grooming That Scream Awesomeness! Info Graphic

Alright, so you've grown that manly mane out, now you need to maintain that mane. Where do you start, what tools do you need and what techniques do you use? Have no fear The Beardsman is here. Here is an awesome info graphic that can give you a start in all things beard grooming. Go to our Beard Shop to check out our tools of the trade. So read up and take these steps to sculpt that thigh tickler. Leave a comment below [...]

New York Jets, QB Fitzpatrick gets a fresh buzz, keeps the sweet ass beard!

Beard Brush $13.27 Beard Balm $12.80   Huge cut made on to the New York Jets QB Position! The starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick created a big stir when he showed up with dreadlocks, and hallmark bushy beard to practice on Monday, However, Wednesday he shows up with a fresh buzz cut but the beard remains! Win for the beard gods I say. "Clearly, I'm disappointed in him," said center Nick Mangold, known for his long hair and prodigious beard. "He looks like a [...]

How To Be More Attractive…

Do beards make you more attractive...? Umm..... HELL YEAH! Its fucking science. This dude is on point and has some awesome tips and tricks for that manly mane of yours. Women are interviewed and asked all the time what makes a man more attractive? What can a a man do to stand out? What can he do to look more manly? Grow a beard! Women want to see that our men are just that men! So, stop shaving and [...]

Stop Doing These 3 Things and Improve Your Beard

Lets dig in!       Not Grooming your beard. The First bad Habit it actually the lack of not doing theses important steps. Very raryly does a unkept face bush grow unruly and actually enhance a guys appearance so for us who have to work at our beards follow these tips and keep it your beard maintainced. Beard Maintenance will go a long way and improve its looks. A quick overview of beard grooming tips includes: Wash regularly, but shampoo only once [...]

Top 10 Beard Styles of 2016.

Beards are great for a lot of things Like blocking the sun, when in deep thought; they evn hide that stubborn neck fat. But even though beards grow naturally on our chiseled rock hard faces the wont take a healthy shape without a little help. Cleaning, combing, conditioning, trimming and shaping are all apart of the game when it comes to growing facial hair and getting it to look how you want it to. There's not any right or wrong [...]